The Snowmass Trip: Thursday evening

First of all, Houston is hot.  I just had to say that.  The University of St. Thomas is a gem.  This is a photo of the chapel at night...notice the entrance. I have no idea if these thoughts are helpful to anyone else, but they help me capture impressions and thoughts, images and questions, before... Continue Reading →

The Snowmass Trip: Thursday Morning.

This morning I headed out early for the first leg of my trip: the Houston leg, with three days at the conference for the World Community for Christian Meditation.  Houston is hot, and I met the most interesting taxi driver on the way from the airport to the University of St. Thomas.  His family emigrated... Continue Reading →

What is prayer? (A few thoughts)

What is prayer? The past few days, I've been chewing on this--or it has been chewing on me. I spent time writing this morning, to share a few thoughts, for what it's worth, after reading a bit of Abhishiktananda's work on Prayer, a gift from my friend Jason Voyles. Before we talk about poverty and hunger,... Continue Reading →

The Kingdom of Heaven is like…

Proper 12, Year A I Kings 3:5-12; St. Matthew 13:31-33, 44-52 The Kingdom of Heaven is like…        I love parables, the deceptively simple sayings or descriptions that Jesus uses to help open the hearts of those who want to catch a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven. The word parable literally means, in Greek,... Continue Reading →

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