New Contemplatives Exchange–Founders Introductory Video

The four Founders, Laurence Freeman, OB (the World Community for Christian Meditation), Thomas Keating, OCSO, (Contemplative Outreach), Richard Rohr, OFM, (The Center for Action and Contemplation), and Tilden Edwards, (The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation). Listen as Fr. Thomas, Fr. Richard, and Fr. Laurence introduce our work, as we continue to prepare for our gathering... Continue Reading →

A Lap of Love

My grandmother was, on the whole, a rather rotund lady.  She struggled with diabetes for most of her adult life, so her metabolism didn’t function perfectly well.  She loved fried fish too, so that may have had something to do with it.  I learned as a youth that her weight actually caused her some physical... Continue Reading →

Mary, Our Lady, the Undoer of Knots

This reflection was originally posted on my Mary Journal blog, and it speaks to what I think is a mindful approach to understanding the circumstances within the Anglican Communion. Mary, Undoer of Knots At literally the same time news broke of the primates’ decision at their meeting at Canterbury Cathedral (recommending a restriction of The... Continue Reading →

Barack Obama Interviews Marilynne Robinson

This.  I think this is a crucial interview.  These two look deeply at a phenomenon that greatly concerns me:  the way fear drives our conversations.  I see this at all levels, within the country and within parishes.  This view of the "sinister other" that they describe, this is an important tendency to be aware of.

A poem, reflecting on Kelly’s execution…

On Tuesday night, I held vigil with several clergy colleagues at the clergy conference.  It was a profound experience, to sit and wait....wait for a person to be executed.  To wait and reflect on what forgiveness might look like, repentance, a willingness to move beyond the any initial "relief" vengeance might give.  To lean into... Continue Reading →

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