Tranquilizers or Transformation

Proper 22, Year A Exodus 20:1-20; St. Matthew 21:33-46 October 8, 2017   Tranquilizers or Transformation        When my sister and I were kids, we hated doing our chores.  She hated cleaning her room, and we would find old sandwiches under her bed.  One of my chores—which I found so odd at the time—was dusting... Continue Reading →


A Call to a Contemplative Reformation: The Essay

A Call to a Contemplative Reformation: The Church as a Community of Practice, Transformation, and Compassion   The Rev. Dr. Stuart Higginbotham   When the New Contemplatives Exchange gathered at St. Benedict’s Monastery in Snowmass, Colorado, at the invitation of Thomas Keating, Tilden Edwards, Laurence Freeman, Richard Rohr, and Margaret Benefiel.  I found myself sharing... Continue Reading →

Fr. Martin Laird on Contemplation

I commend this video to you, of Fr. Martin Laird, OSA, from the PBS series Religion and Ethics Newsweekly.  It is a wonderful demonstration of how anchoring ourselves in this contemplative lineage bears fruit in our lives. His argument is particularly profound: we must be contemplatives first, and then we can embody love in the... Continue Reading →

The purpose of meditation…

‘The purpose of meditation for each of us is that we come to our own centre. In many traditions, meditation is spoken of as a pilgrimage – a pilgrimage to your own centre, your own heart, and there you learn to remain awake, alive and still ... The importance of meditation is to discover from... Continue Reading →

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